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Emailerz.com provides online publishers the ability to maintain large or small email address and customer lists without the hassles and risks that accompany mass email marketing services. The email list is yours. You design the email and paste it into our form or use our WYSIWYG online editor. Our email servers will queue it up and email it out to your recipients and your recipients only. If you can cut and paste you can "do it yourself" with targeted email marketing. Your lists are secured in our system and can only be viewed or used by you. Removal as well as Email Send Failure reports are available and will enable you to keep your lists up to date. It couldn't be any easier to mass email market........
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Targeted Email Marketing could not be any easier. If you can cut and paste you can mass email market. We have easy to use Templates that can be inserted into our online Mad Mailer WYSIWYG html editor with the click of a mouse. Design your own mass email with our Mad Mailer WYSIWYG html editor. Insert images, links and forms anywhere you desire. You can change the look and feel within the form, preview the page and even test email it to yourself. We have many membership plans to fit any budget. 

Simply put, Targeted Email Marketing is the best and most cost affective form of marketing available to any industry. Get your brand out in front of your customers as often as you need or announce product launches. Send your customers daily lunch specials. Each email is addressed to the recipient only. No other addresses are visible. Your customers lists are secure and only visible to you. Emailerz.com will offer easy list removal to your customer and will notify you of this event. Emailerz.com can provide removal reports as well as failure notifications to allow you to keep your lists current maximizing your rate of return. Members can take advantage of easy to use features that will have you emailing your customers in virtually minutes. Your customers want to hear from you. With a simple insert of Emailerz.com code on your site Emailerz.com can help you manage your opt in customers. This sign up page can be configure to fit into your site's look and feel. Visitors can "Opt In" to your lists and immediately be included in your next email campaign.
Include Media Content. Additional value may be realized by allowing media content from Clickcounters.com. With an exclusive relationship you can take advantage of additional revenue by inserting text or media into your emails. These insertions will offer your clients more value. By participating you can realize additional revenue through PPC fulfillment and keep your clients opening your mail. Sign up with Clickcounters.com is done with one registration at Emailerz.com and it will effectively  "Link" the 2 accounts so you may  take advantage of pay per click revenue with your email campaigns as well as your web sites.

Did You Know. Mass Email marketing software that can cost you hundreds of dollars is completely ineffective. Most of your outbound email is rejected by the recipient's SPAM filters. There are DHCP IP lists on the internet that have your Dynamic IP address listed and will refuse mail relayed by it. Your ISP will also see the increased mail traffic, assume you are infected with a SPAM-bot and shut the outbound email down rendering your efforts a waste of valuable time and money. Emailerz.com can send out your email campaign as we have the bandwidth and a global infrastructure of mail servers to do it. We have a very high delivery rate and your campaign will work....!

Track your Email. With the ability to track your email campaigns you will know what works. All metrics are available. Which link had the best Response? Where are the responses coming from? 

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