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About is owned and operated by bits & pc's inc. This site is part of a network of web properties designed with the website client in mind. The mission of this site is to provide emai marketing services for smaller web property owners. It is our goal to help you increase your traffic and internet presence in a unobtrusive and legal manner. Any web site that provides great products or services is finding it tougher to compete. The Internet Superhighway is turning into the Mega Chains malls. You need all the tools you can use. We adhere to the strict guidelines as spelled out within the Can the SPAM act of 2003. will not provide this service to questionable and illegal activities. has been providing mailing services to members since 1998 and we have stuck to the same principles of business etiquette. 
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401-241-7627 is part of a marketing alliance in partnership with many other web services. These services offer Cloaking, Search Engine Management and Optimization as well Pay per click Advertising. bits & pc's inc. is a full service Solution provider for the IT industry including LAN WAN technologies as well Site Design and Hosting services. Please visit the site for more information on what bits & pc's inc. do for you., an SEO SEM and Cloaking Service a Pay per click Advertising