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What is Spam ... ?

Spam is mail that comes to you unsolicited. Often times it will have a return email address that basically goes nowhere. Or an email address something like This is a blank email box the mailer never intends to download. SPAM is the beginning of the end of the internet's real value. SPAM is an obnoxious tactic in the marketing arena. It is an incredible waste of precious resources and bandwidth.

Opt-in email is not SPAM.Your Customers want to hear about your products and services. They asked for this service when signing up with you. 

How much Viagra can one person use. The use of opt-in listing is not considered SPAM and the lists are checked and rechecked for opt-in criteria. Maintaining a remove mechanism is key as well. Always ask for permission to send your customers email. If you do not you stand the possibility of losing the loyalty that customer has in your business.

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How do I tell if it Spam ... ?

Check the reply email address. Often this will be the same as the sender's address. Also the Recipient's address may not even be yours.

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How do I get removed ... ?

Any legitimate mailer will provide a link in the mail that will take you to a remove page. Usually simply replying to the email with "Remove" in the subject line will work. The WWW consortium has stated that there are about 18 people responsible for 80% of SPAM on the internet right now.

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What is Opt-In email ... ?

Throughout your surfing the internet you might have signed up for a service or something. This is consider and Opt-in email entry. The service will usually ask if it is ok to email you in the future. Many times this will be something of value to you. Many times it may not be. You may have signed up with a service that has sold the list as well.

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