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Simply put Email is the least expensive form of marketing known to the business world. Although it is not the most efficient. Email marketing has come under some fire recently as Spam has completely clouded the marketing issue. Just blanketing every known email address is incredibly inefficient. First off aggravating the general internet populous is not going to breed friendly branding. I mean how much Viagra do you need? Emailing to opt in lists is more efficient in that you are mailing to customers that want to view or hear product announcements. can provide the means for you to do this. With your lists and our powerful mail servers your company can reap the benefits of staying in touch with your customers.  There are many plans to choose from.
We have a membership plan to suit your needs. Whether you need to email 1000 clients a month or 1,000,000 clients a month can service your needs. Mail as many different mailings as you like. Choose from our templates or cut and paste in your own and mail away. The ability and variations are vast and we are certain that your online business will succeed as email is the most cost affective form of "staying in touch" with your customers.

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Any reason is a great reason to send an email to an existing client. Build your brand with

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Staying in Touch is the key to any marketing program and email is the most cost affective form of doing just that.